Our Mission

Eliminating the Idea of Waste

Every waste to wealth with creative solutions .

we are environmentally conscious . we aims at creating awareness among the general public.  Instead of throwing away unwanted materials and items, these could be turned into other products through simple ,creative ,solutions  which will generate income for the youth

Goal of creative Gojo

The goal of Creative Gojo is to nurture the youth to generate income through sustainable solutions using recycle materials. Waste materials will soon stop being something that will make our city dirty and polluted but instead it’ll be converted into something beautiful and valuable by incorporating creative sustainable solutions. We will explore and research more creative solutions by recycling different materials like plastics, metal and paper into arts, crafts and products that will beautify our environment and homes. This will in turn create different jobs and opportunities for the youth at large.

Our Core Values

We collect and recycle materials or re-purposing into beautiful arts and sculptures.